Sam Wilde positions his practice at the intersection of visual art and surface design, and is best known for storytelling through his signature worldbuilding approach to pattern creation.

Sam founded the fine art British interiors, fashion and homeware brand Vespertine, to not only enrich our bodies, homes and spaces with worlds depicting unabashed warmth and personality. But also to empower the viewer through each pattern’s conceptual message, and evoke in them a sense of childhood wonderment for the epics hidden within. 

Sam considers the surfaces he creates as their own visually escapist worlds. Great consideration is taken so that each and every element within these worlds builds to form a logically cohesive scene, filled to the brim with nuanced symbolism and immersive detail.


An early affinity with science and mathematics led Sam Wilde to Durham University where he achieved a 2-1 honours BSc in Natural Sciences. Immediately afterwards he embarked on a three year career in London’s financial sector, where he worked as a Business Analyst and later as a Raw Materials Trader.

In his limited spare time Sam worked at honing his craft, and without so much as an art GCSE achieved a masters in Printed Textiles from the Royal College of Art London.

Spotlighted as part of this generation's leading new designers, Sam has been commended for his outstanding artistry and has received the Marks & Spencer Fashion Fabric, Svenskt Tenn Textile Talent, TexSelect Design Futures, ELLE Decoration British Design 2021 and Saatchi Art Artists to Collect in 2022 awards.

Sam works across a variety of mediums, including animation, digital illustration, screen printing and watercolour, and cites his personal experience as a synesthete, 90’s video games and evolutionary biology as his biggest influences.