Large Square Scarf · Between Land & Sea · Daybreak

This statement square scarf brings to life the oceanic world of Between Land & Sea in the colourway Daybreak.

Carefully selected for it's soft translucent nature, habotai was used historically in the making of fine Japanese kimonos. Illustrated in the Vespertine studio by Sam Wilde, each scarf is made to the highest specifications and beautifully finished with hand-rolled hems.

In the dawn of the fresh sea air, Between Land & Sea transports you to the setting of an ancient Japanese fable, Temple of the Ocean King. A mythical tale of giant oarfish known as mysterious sea monsters, rising from the depths of the ocean in an ominous warning to humankind of an impending natural disaster. At centre stage is the Ocean King himself, this regal Giant Pacific Octopus is nestled in an ornate clam shell palace surrounded by his fellow ocean dwellers and aquatic plant life. 

Whether delicately draped around your shoulders, intricately knotted around your handbags handles or framed and hung in pride of place in your home. A fine Vespertine silk scarf is a treasure to remember and crafted to last a lifetime.

Key Features 
Designed by Sam Wilde
Printed and finished in the England

100% Silk Habotai 
Hand rolled hem
Length: 90cm Width: 90cm

Dry clean only

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