Large Velvet Chair · Quandary Quagmire · Everglade


This one-of-a-kind solid oak Georgian armchair was personally sourced by Sam Wilde and restored to it's former glory with a bold Vespertine twist. Expertly upholstered in irresistibly soft velvet, featuring the ominous world of Quandary Quagmire in the colourway Everglade.

A dramatic marshland where luminous man-made pollution encroaches on the precious little space reserved for the natural kingdom. Under the looming shadows of the giant prickly cacti, these elusive beasts spend their days confined to hazardous islands surrounded by ever-encroaching toxic goop. 

The inspiration behind this world came from fantastical animal skin rugs designed by renowned Austrian-born architect, artist and textile designer Josef Frank. Frank’s imaginative body of work reflects the beauty and fragility of the natural world, and the rugs he created offered a genuine alternative to real animal skins that were popular in peoples homes at the time. 

Adding an opulent statement to any room, put you feet up and sink into the tall supportive back, charming carved arms and loose yourself in the mysterious swampy world of Quandary Quagmire.

Key Features 
Designed by Sam Wilde
Printed and upholstered in the England

100% Cotton Velvet
Solid Oak Antique Frame
Height: 125cm Width: 62cm Depth: 54cm

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