Medium Square Display · Lepidopterology II


Sam Wilde created Lepidopterology II, an enchanting entomology display framed in a hand-crafted stained Italian oak display case. This piece repurposes beautifully preserved late-nineteenth centaury moth and butterflies native to the British isles, by reimagining these specimens in delicate concentric circles.

Unlike with human-made works, there is no consciousness dictating a creative philosophy within nature. Instead the patterns found throughout the natural kingdom arise organically through the interplay of nearly an infinite number of selection factors, and serve the sole purpose of enhancing the species ability to survive and reproduce.

We are delighted to offer you this opportunity to own an original framed artwork by Sam Wilde.

Key Features
Designed & Assembled by Sam Wilde

Mounted Victorian Moth & Butterfly specimens 

Solid oak frame (stained white)
Length: 37cm, Width: 37cm, Depth: 9cm


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