Large Square Scarf · Flowers of Time · Ruby


This statement square scarf depicts the Flowers of Time in the colourway Ruby.

Chosen for its royal luxury and beautiful sheen, the printed silk satin brings to life this floral world through its vivid pigmentation. Illustrated in the Vespertine studio by Sam Wilde, each scarf is made to the highest specifications and beautifully finished with hand-rolled hems.

Discover the extraordinary work of eighteenth-century biologist Carl Linnaeus, a leading academic with a wandering imagination who devised a plan to plant a garden where new flowers would bloom chronologically with each passing hour. This fantastical idyll would allow a visitor to tell the time by simply strolling around the flower clock garden, smelling the sweet fragrance and seeing which flowers had most recently bloomed.

Bursting from the centre and surrounding the clock is the modest British honeysuckle. This twinflower is perhaps the most personal to Linnaeus as it was named Linnaea borealis in his honour. In keeping with the circadian theme, in each corner sits an animal representative which is known to be most active during their corresponding hours on the clock.

Whether delicately draped around your shoulders, intricately knotted around your handbags handles or framed and hung in pride of place in your home. A fine Vespertine silk scarf is a treasure to remember and crafted to last a lifetime.

Key Features 
Designed by Sam Wilde

Printed and finished in the England

100% Silk Satin 
Hand rolled hem
Length: 90cm Width: 90cm

Dry clean only

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