Large Square Painting · Hubris Tree

Follow the twists and turns of the Hubris Tree, a riot of blooming tropical foliage and luscious fruits. This wildly imaginative watercolour painting transports the viewer to the Garden of Eden, placing them at the foot of the Tree of Knowledge.

In creator Sam Wilde's retelling of this classic story, we see the world through the eyes of Eve. A heroine who understood that paradise was artificial and that the only way to truly embody her real-self was to choose autonomy and to leave Eden. 

Inspired by the works of Austrian-born textile designer Josef Frank, and his iconic patterns Vegetable Tree and Hawaii, Sam Wilde developed this original artwork 
as part of his Christmas 2019 sell-out homeware and decorative accessories collection Fruits of Eden. 

We are delighted to offer you this opportunity to own an original framed artwork by Sam Wilde. 

Key Features
Painted by Sam Wilde

Watercolour on watercolour paper
Length: 42cm Width: 42cm (Painting)
Solid oak frame finished in Italy
Length: 50cm Width: 50cm (Frame)


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