The 2nd Pattern Book: Florescence illustrated by Sam Wilde was featured on the Best of Behance homepage on the 30th November 2022.


"A wildly delightful visual journey with British artist Sam Wilde. Sam’s designs tell carefully constructed stories of imaginary worlds involving delicately rendered flora and fauna. Immense thought and story that goes into every design."


The repeating world Precarious Pangolins illustrated by Sam Wilde was featured on the Best of Behance homepage on the 13th August 2022.


The repeating world Lofty Heights illustrated by Sam Wilde was featured on the Best of Behance homepage on the 4th May 2022.

Saatchi Art

Sam Wilde was selected as one of the 22 Artists To Collect in 2022 by Saatchi Art, writing "a fashion and homeware designer, Sam expands the limits of surface design to imbue objects with richly detailed narrative scenes and landscapes".

Saatchi Art

The ceramic plate Poaceae hand-painted by Sam Wilde for Vespertine was a curated feature on the Saatchi Art homepage for the week of the 25th November 2021.

Elle Decoration

"Allocated based on talent and merit, chosen by the magazine's expert team in consultation with the design world's most established opinion-makers". Sam Wilde is celebrated as a winner of "the long-established, respected and career-defining" ELLE Decoration British Design 2021 Award.

Sanderson Design Group Features

The team at Zoffany interviews Sam to discuss the process behind their 2021 riverine collaboration. "A grand epic that sits somewhere in between fine art and surface design, [that] unites creative depiction with the evocative charm of the natural world".

Saatchi Art

The ceramic plate Rhododendron hand-painted by Sam Wilde for Vespertine was a curated feature on the Saatchi Art homepage for the week of the 14th June 2021.

Saatchi Art

The ceramic plate Arecace hand-painted by Sam Wilde for Vespertine was a curated feature on the Saatchi Art homepage for the week of the 7th June 2021.


Liberty sits down with Sam Wilde to discuss his creative practice and their wave-themed collaboration. Sam says "usually we don’t give the patterns all around us much more than a second thought – but what if we saw them as windows of opportunity? A feast for the eyes. Fantasy worlds we could escape into. To immerse ourselves within, to learn from, to empower us." Sam Wilde Vouge


"If ever there were a year to embrace Christmas kitsch, it’s 2020. Beyond the simple desire to make our homes as cheerful as possible, and what could be nicer to receive through the post than a hand-painted ornament?"


"Designer Sam Wilde, whose design ‘Precarious Pangolins’ draws attention to the world’s most trafficked animal and is included in the new Palladio volume, describes his desire to use surface design to ‘immerse, empower, engage and educate'."


"With a background in Natural Sciences, Sam's work presents a narrative inspired by animals, creature and plants, all entangled together in a fantasy - as seen in 'Precarious Pangolins', which features tropical foliage and fruit mixed with climbing snakes and the eponymous scaly animals." 


"In celebration of the rich individuality of the original Palladio designs... with the original Festival of Britain ideal of fusing art and design, Zoffany has commissioned Sam Wilde, a graduate of the Royal College of Art, to create a striking design, 'Precarious Pangolins', for its forthcoming collection."


"Getting to know the fabulous designer at the Royal College of Art... Sam Wilde’s approach to design echoes that of Robert and Roger Nicholson and their forward-thinking philosophy."



Bethan Ryder interviews Sam Wilde about his journey to becoming a “London-based designer fearlessly fusing the classical and contemporary”, as well as about his “mad, dark, circus jungle” pangolin collaboration with Zoffany.



Gala delves into Sam Wilde’s inspirations as well as some of the concepts that went into his Fruits of Eden Christmas collection for Svenskt Tenn.



The Goosebury bauble Sam Wilde designed for Svenskt Tenn was featured by Rémy Mishon as part of “the best of the bunch” for the Christmas decorations round up.



The Durian bauble Sam Wilde designed for Svenskt Tenn was listed as one of the products that could add warmth and comfort to the home during the festive season.


The Watermelon and Orange baubles Sam Wilde designed for Svenskt Tenn were recommended to Elle’s readers as “must have” Christmas ornaments to decorate with.



Dubbed “The Pattern Communicator”, Sam Wilde was featured in a double-page spread as a CHANGEMAKER and part of a “new wave of global creatives using their practice to explore and communicate prescient topics affecting our world today”.


In COVER magazine, Corinne Julius featured Sam Wilde as one of five of the "Best British" visual art graduates in 2018. Highlighting his talent for "bold, ornate, immersive, fantastical, repeat patterns based on the natural world".