Palladio · 2020


Zoffany debuts Precarious Pangolins for Palladio Vol. I, with a resurrection of the iconic mid-centaury brand built around design optimism of the Festival of Britain.

Heralded for showcasing the best of British talent, Palladio spotlighted the likes of Robert and Richard Nicolson, Terence Conran and Zhandra Rhodes early into their careers, and for the 2020 relaunch chose to partner with Sam Wilde for his artistry, modernity and passion for the environment.


Sam Wilde's world Precarious Pangolins has been reimagined as a stunning large-scale wallcovering, joining a compendium of artwork repeats as part of Palladio's prestigious archive.

In keeping with Sam's initiative to stop #BIOAppropriation, Sam is giving a contribution from the sales of the wallpaper to the World Land Trust, a charity whose projects support the conservation of the pangolins natural habitat in the Far East.


Continuing Palladio's tradition of adorning public spaces with cutting-edge visual art. Sam Wilde collaborated with Zoffany to create a fully animated version of Precarious Pangolins that is set in perfect straight match repeat.

The sinister story behind this dark jungle world serves as an allegory for the extinction crisis the vulnerable pangolin faces today. Humanity’s greed is personified through snakes that are quite literally trying to scare the pangolins off the bridges and out of existence.