Svenskt Tenn · 2021


In homage to Josef Frank’s design philosophy of "bringing the outside in", for the 2021 festive season Sam Wilde designed a selection of handcrafted brass flower ornaments for Svenskt Tenn.

These botanical decorations include a Lavender, Lily, Passion Flower, Sunflower and Wisteria, with each flower representing the virtues of peace, rebirth, values, loyalty and longevity respectively.


Heralded not only for their elegant blossom, many varieties of Wisteria are known to live for well over one hundred years. Their teardrop petals may shed in late summer, but the following year their flowers will flourish once more. It's little surprise then that this enduring flower has stood the test of time and represents longevity.

Native to the New World tropics, the Passion Flower’s mathematical beauty has since gone on to house various meanings across the globe. Perhaps most fitting is the Inca mythology surrounding the Vine of Souls, where it’s sacred vines are said to possess ancient ancestral spirits that emblematize familial values.


Symbolic of loyalty and devotion, the Sunflower is heliotropic in that they trace the movement of the sun as it travels across the sky. Even in times where the rays of light are few and far between, the sunflower will still seek out the sun’s glow and hold their heads high in admiration.